Undeniably Art
-- stellar artworks by artists and artisans in the Comox Valley.

  • Rent or buy fabulous art - at prices you can afford.
  • Treat the people you love by giving them the gift of art.
  • Educate your children - give them the joy of art in their lives every day, to let them know that creativity is valued.
  • Add art to enhance your home, office, or place of business.
  • Support your community; rent and buy locally.

It's simple

  1. Choose one or more artworks that appeal to you.
  2. with the name of your choice, along with your name, address, and phone number to arrange delivery.
  3. Pay upon delivery; cash or cheque, or make arrangements to pay on time.
  4. Enjoy your choice for 28 days and then do it again.
Rental period
28 days
Rental cost
5% of the sale price

Sales price of artwork is $500. You rent for 5% x $500 - $25 (cheaper than your daily coffee by far!)

You like it - you want to keep it. Up to three month's of rental payments on any given artwork can be applied to its purchase.

Rent to own
minimum of 10% of the sales price per month
Sales price of artwork is $500. Renting-to-own is 10% x $500 = $50/month. Congratulations! After 10 months of enjoying it in your home or office, its yours!

Learn More

For more information, or to make your art available for rent or for sale, contact Bette Kosmolak at