Sandra Lamb

Within her small studio in a big house in the heart of Merville, Sandra includes fine art, web design and book illustration/publishing in her portfolios.

Sandra Lamb has been involved in art for her entire life, rarely limiting her interests to one medium or genre. With a background in advertising design and production, and with years of teaching fine art, she has managed to enhance most of her creative endeavours with melding complimentary facets of art: oil, acrylic and watercolour painting have all seen influence from her graphic design years, and her web-design and book illustration/publishing have constantly benefited from the lifetime of experiences in fine art.

Sandra prefers to include figures in her work but also is drawn to the occasional landscape. She is constantly pursuing meaningful narrative; many of her pieces involve metaphors and surrealism. Her work has been described as “enigmatic’ and somewhat reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth.

To compliment her teaching, Sandra is in the process of constructing a resource website for artists which presently includes over 1,000 hand-picked reference photos free (or by donation) for personal use by painters. You can find the partially-completed site at

Her website is: